Piano music to relax

Millions of people enjoyed the piano music of Tom Kristiaan. Fragile, intimate, dreamy and sensitive music in the style of Ludovico Enaudi, Yann Tiersen or Joep Beving. Perfect to relax or to enjoy while working, reading or studying.

Latest singles


July 2023

Composition created together with London's composer Matthew Adam

Release date:

Sept 29 2023

12 relaxing piano compositions inspired by nature photography of Wouter Pattyn.

May 2022

8 intimite piano pieces recorded on felt piano, inspired by the world of dance. 


9 piano solo compositions, recorded on grand & felt piano.


EP with 2 variations on the famous Gymnopédies of Erik Satie.


First solo album with 8 piano compositions. 3 are accompanied with accordion by Elke De Meester

You can order all albums (except Tom's Gynmopédies) by simply sending a mail

Price: 17€ (incl VAT), excl. transportation cost (3€ in Belgium, price offer will be sent for other countries).

CD in digipack format with signature of composer.

Spotify playlists

Spotify playlist containing a mix of the best songs of Tom Kristiaan's repertoire.

Spotify playlist edited by Tom Kristiaan. Tom Kristiaan selected his favourite piano songs of his favourite composers. More than 3 hours relaxing piano music. Ideal for relaxing, reading, studying or just daydreaming.