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Looking for a cosy evening? An aperitive concert or a unique experience for an event? Tom Kristiaan offers different kind of concerts, always looking for a unique experience.


Piano & Photography 

Inspired by nature

I bring my new album "Inspired by Nature", where I composed music on the amazing photography of nature and wildlifephotographer Wouter Pattyn. You get a breathtaking concert of 60-90 min live music with large screen image projection of the most beautiful nature images from Europe.


Concert @ home


You have a piano at home and want a special evening for friends or family? Or a concert with aperitif on a sunday morning? I care for the music. You invite the guests. 

Piano & Painting


Duoconcert with pianist/composer Matthias de Jaeger. Performance of neoclassical works combined with paintings by artist Wannes De Vogel. Includes improvised music and live painting. A perfect blend of visual and auditive art.